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2017 CAMPS: (Descriptions Below)

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2017 Camps & Descriptions:

  • **NEW Jr Engineers Camp – Ages 4.5 – 6.5: “It’s A Wild Life”Designed for kids ages 4.5 to 6.5 Designed for kids ages 4.5 to 6.5 this camp is great for the beginner builder.  In “It’s a Wild Life” kids will build animals using a mix LEGO bricks, tech bricks, motors and battery packs. Kids will learn to read model plans,  build a variety of motorized and non-motorized models.  Fun, yet educational, this camp will reinforce counting, number recognition, fine motor skills, as well as kids will learn some basic animal science facts.

    Star & Galaxy Wars (Inspired by Star Wars): Ages 6 – 11 In this Star Wars inspired Camp, your missions are NOT impossible!  Using LEGO bricks, motors, and battery packs, join us  everyday as we complete our training missions and earn our badges to ultimately become Jedi Knights!  Help us as we train with our light sabers, build attack shuttles, satellites, millennium falcon and more. Join us as we complete our scavenger hunt missions, rescue citizens taken into another galaxy, and earn our badges to become Jedi Knights!  Don’t miss the fun and excitement of our fun Star Wars Space themed camp, where we learn, build and play with LEGO bricks!

    **NEW Comic Creator – Ages 8+:  Pow! Wow! Screech! Who’s your favorite Comic Book Character? Who’s your favorite LEGO Mini-figure? Come create your very own comic book, in our Comic Creator Camp! You’ll have loads of fun creating your own or using your favorites characters to develop your comic book story, design  your comic book sets & backdrops and incorporate  pictures of your sets, all designed with LEGO® Bricks! Using computers, software, cameras, & imagination,  kids will have tons of fun in this camp.  At the end of the week, campers will be provided with a printed & digital copy of the comic book they created. So, how’s that for comic relief?

    Mining & Crafting (Based on Mine Craft) – Ages 7+:  Experience the world of Minecraft with LEGO® bricks. Kids will start by crafting their shelters and some of the mobs, critters and tools using LEGO® bricks. Students will face new crafting challenges each day, building models and key elements from the popular Minecraft game. in this fun summer camp! Reserve you spot before this camp fills up FAST!

    Remote Control Mania Camp: Ages 6.5 – 11  Making it move is the name of the game at this exciting camp!  Kids will love to see their creations in motion using LEGO® wireless remote controls.  Each day, campers will use fascinating and challenging LEGO®components to create dynamic vehicles, inventions, machines and more.  As they enjoy the fun of building, campers will understand the basic working principles of many ingenious devices that are part of our everyday lives.  Campers will also learn how to magnify, diminish and redirect force to move objects at different speeds and in different directions.  This camp is loads of fun and learning for budding builders.  LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO® Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse these programs.

     Jr Robotics Camp – Ages 8+:  “A Walk on the Wild Side” Build and program a Roaring Lion, a Hungry Alligator, and other wild creatures! The Bricks 4 Kidz Junior Robotics camp offers all the fun of building with LEGO bricks, PLUS the challenge of computer programming! Kids will learn to use drag-and-drop icon-based computer software to program their creations. The last day of camp, parents are invited to come view the students Robotic Zoo!  This camp provides an introduction into the world of computer-programming and robotics that will equip children to succeed in a technology-based marketplace.

    Movie Making Camp – Ages 9+:  Light, cameras, LEGO action! Use LEGO bricks to tell YOUR story, complete with music, special effects and all your favorite LEGO mini-figure characters! In this unique and creative camp, students will plan, script, stage, shoot, and produce their own mini-movie using Stop Motion Animation. Working as a team, students will use LEGO components to build the set and props, then shoot their movie using a digital camera. Teams will use movie-making software to add special effects, titles, credits and more. When the movie is complete, campers will impress friends and family with a screening party on the last day of camp. Don’t miss your chance to be in the movies!

    **NEW Advanced Builders 101 CampAges 9 +:  Are you ready to take your building skills to the next level?  Can you meet the building and design challenges put forth?  Designed for builders that are ready for tougher builds, and creating design solutions, this camp will explore the creative process of complex builds and model design.  Campers will learn the function of different LEGO® components and discover how those components can work together to create all kinds of solid structures and moving parts.  This camp is sure to be a challenge for the builders with some experience under their belt!

    **NEW (Pokémon® Inspired) Pocket Brick Monsters Camp – Ages 6 +:  Get ready for an adventure in the world of Pokémon®!  Capture wild Pokémon® creatures and train them for battle.  Improve your accuracy and power as you learn new moves and use special abilities.  Tap into your inner engineer as we build Dratini, Pikachu, Poké Balls, and more.  Bring your own Pokémon® trading cards if you wish to play and trade at the end of each day.  Show off your skills as you battle for power in your journey through the Pokémon® universe. Do you have what it takes to become a Pokémon® Master?

    **NEW Bat League Heros & Villains – Ages 6 + :  Enter the dark city where a dangerous jokester and other evil villains wreak havoc. Thankfully there is a bat hero who comes out each night to fight against these evil-doers! The good guys will ride into action as campers build motorized models, using LEGO bricks, motors & battery packs. Campers will build bat hero’s speedy vehicle, bat girl’s sleek motorcycle and other cool batman inspired models. But keep the bat light searching for the evil jokester’s motorized low rider vehicle cruising through the city streets as well. Send the bat hero swinging on his grappling hook technic model from one skyscraper to the next as he fights crime with his trusty super sidekick. Campers will use their imaginations, building skills and crime-fighting passion in this thrilling camp of bat heroes and villains!

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