Simple robotics projects to do at home

Remember Rosie the robot maid on the Jetsons? How about the lovable curious robot from the movie Short Circuit? You may have even been a robot for Halloween or designed a basic robot in school.

Fast forward and now when you hear about robotics as an adult, it’s probably a new medical robotic tool or a specialized piece for a plane or vehicle. Scientists and engineers are building robots in virtually every industry, yet the concept of robots is so fascinating that it continues to capture the hearts and minds of children across the globe.

Robotics clubs are gaining popularity at elementary and middle schools. In a desire to grow STEM skills, more parents are signing kids up for educational after-school activities like robotics classes and camps at Bricks 4 Kidz. And just like in your youth, kids today are trying to build robots in their very own bedrooms.

You can enhance your child’s interest in robots with some simple robotics projects at home. This curated list will direct you to a robot that will help teach your child simple mechanics while boosting math and engineering skills. It’s a fantastic place to start if you and your child are both robotic newbies.

It’s so much fun to collect parts, follow steps and then watch the project unfold in front of your eyes. Your child is guaranteed to be thrilled, and don’t be surprised if you get addicted to the robotics trend too. What better way to spend time together than to build something amazing? Here are three projects to help you and your child learn robotics basics.


Bristlebots are simple robots that require few supplies so they are ideal for novice robot enthusiasts. Plus, this project shows children ingenuity in everyday objects since this bristlebot moves across any flat surface using the head of a toothbrush! Check out this video to make one that won’t tip over.

Coloring robot

Think art and science don’t blend? This robot will prove you wrong. Using a plastic cup, markers, and some basic robotic supplies, you can create a cool robot that colors fun and crazy designs when in action. Get instructions and let your child’s inner artistic engineer shine.

Robotic arm

Looking for a low-tech robotic project? This robotic arm requires no batteries, wires or electronic supplies. Using primarily Popsicle sticks, your child will create an extendable arm that’s super fun for grabbing toys (and maybe the occasional younger sibling). This video breaks down the simple steps in just a few minutes.

After you’ve completed your first robotic project at home, build on the momentum. Grow your child’s excitement by exploring more projects online, or better yet, sign him or her up for a robotics summer camp at Bricks 4 Kidz where robotic fun comes to life.

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