Parent Handbook and FAQ

Parent Handbook and FAQ

Bricks 4 Kidz Waukesha


After School Enrichment Classes

Wait List:

We offer a wait list option when classes are full.  By putting your child on the wait list, you will be the first to be notified when the next class is announced, giving you the first opportunity to enroll.


Once a session starts, no refunds will be granted unless there is a medical reason your child cannot attend.


Summer Camps


Should your child be absent, contact Amy Armstrong, Director, at (262) 271-5692 or via email at by 9am on the day of the missed camp. In the case that you cannot reach us directly when notifying us via phone, please leave a detailed message with your child’s first and last name.  Refunds will not be provided for students who are absent from camp.

Sign In/Sign Out Policy

Please drop off your child between 8:45 and 8:55am each day for a morning camp and, and between 12:45 and 12:55am for an afternoon camp. You must arrive to pick up your child no later than 10 minutes after the camp day has ended. A parent/guardian, or other authorized adult must sign each child in/out of camp every morning and afternoon. Your child will only be released to those individuals listed on your information form. Note: all persons authorized to pick up campers must be at least 16 years of age. If someone other than a parent will pick up your child, please give us prior written notice (there will be space to indicate this on the sign in form each morning). In the case that an emergency occurs, and the individuals listed cannot pick-up the child, a primary parent/guardian must call 262-271-5692 (or send a signed note of authorization) to allow another adult to retrieve the child.

Late Pick Up Policy:

Individuals authorized to pick up the child will be called ten minutes after the close of the am/pm camp session. After ten minutes of a parent/guardians tardiness, there will be a late charge fee of $10. If an emergency arises, please call (262) 271-5692 and leave a detailed message if you cannot directly reach a Bricks 4 Kidz staff member. Please note that repeated late pickups may result in your child’s termination from our program.

Camp Conduct Policy

Bricks 4 Kidz reserves the right to release, without refund of camp fees, any camper whose behavior becomes unmanageable. This action will be taken following one verbal warning and one phone call to the parent or guardian. Intentional harm of any other persons or person’s property while camp is in session will NOT be tolerated; this will result in the camper’s IMMEDIATE termination form the program without refund of camp fees.

Camp FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the camper to staff ratio?

Our average camper to staff ratio is 10:1. As camp enrollment increases, additional instructors will be assigned to counsel the week-long camp program.

What is the maximum camp enrollment?

Up to 18 campers for Jr. Robotics & Stop Motion Movie Making & up to 24 campers for all other Bricks 4 Kidz camps.

Is Bricks 4 Kidz appropriate for children on the autism spectrum?

While every child’s diagnosis is different and therefore participation is at the discretion of the parent, we have had many children on the autism spectrum attend our programs and greatly enjoy it. Our teachers are all experienced educators who have worked with special needs students in the past. If your child does have special needs, we ask that you indicate this at the time of registration (there is a “Medical Awareness” item on the online registration). Please also feel free to email any specific concerns or items regarding your child at

What if my child has a severe allergy? Are they permitted to bring an EpiPen?

Should your child need to have an EpiPen available at all times, please clearly label it with your child’s name and your phone number, and bring it with you each day. You can then provide it to one of our instructors and they will keep it in a safe place during camp. Please also indicate the allergy and need for an EpiPen in the “Medical Awareness” section of the online registration. You can also email this information to

Do the campers work individually or in groups?

During all of our camps, students regularly work in teams of 2 or more on various projects throughout the week. If your child has a particular behavior you would like us to be aware of when assigning them to work with other students, please let us know in advance.

What should my child bring to camp?

In our half day camps, we will take a brief break to have a snack. Please send a non-perishable snack. Because of food allergies, please do not send anything with peanuts of peanut butter. Please also bring a completed waiver.  You can download it via the hyperlink. It will also be emailed to parents with children enrolled a week prior to each camp session. You must provide a signed waiver on the first day of camp, before your child can be permitted to remain at camp.

If my child is enrolled in both a morning and afternoon camp one week, can they stay for the hour between the two camps?

If your child is enrolled in both a morning and afternoon camp one week, they will be able to stay on site, supervised by one of our employees, from noon to 1pm at no charge.  If your child is staying all day, please send them with a non-perishable lunch and drink, in addition to a snack for both the morning and afternoon camp sessions. Because of food allergies, please do not send anything with peanuts of peanut butter.

Is there anything my child should not bring to camp?

  • LEGO bricks or minifigures from home
  • Electronic devices, including but not limited to iPODs, MP3 players, video games, tablets, laptops, headphones.  THE ONLY EXCEPTION is for Mining & Crafting Camps.  Students are allowed to bring their own handheld device for the purpose of playing Minecraft only.  Students are allowed up to 15 minutes at the end of camp to group together with their fellow campers and build.  Bricks 4 Kidz reserves the right to terminate a students game playing if they are abusing the rules of playtime.
  • Any items for sale or distribution, including but not limited to trading cards, etc.
    • These items will be turned into a teacher and returned to the parent/guardian at the end of the day. Please understand that bringing items from home can result in the item being lost or misplaced. Bricks 4 Kidz is not responsible for any personal possessions that are lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced.

As a parent, I’d feel comfortable if my child was equipped with a means of direct communication in case of emergency. Are cell phones an exception to the Bricks 4 Kidz policy on electronic devices?

Though we understand the reasoning for mobile devices as a safety precaution, Bricks 4 Kidz highly discourages campers from bringing cell phones. If campers do bring cellular phones with the approval of their parent/guardian, they are to remain off and put away while camp is in session. Bricks 4 Kidz is not responsible for damage or loss of any personal property while at camp. Campers will be allowed to store a backpack or bag if needed while at camp.

Who are the instructors?

All of our teachers have prior teaching experience, and have had extensive training sessions and an assistant on hand. We have a background check on file for each employee.

Do students take home their projects after camp?

Since we use our LEGO materials in classes and camps throughout the year, students do not take home projects or pieces. There are several occasions that students will take home non-LEGO related projects that they create in our camps or one of the many prizes students can win during a camp. Any items included in the cost of a program are listed it he program description.

What is the typical age range-will my child be too young or too old compared to the rest of the class?

The age minimums for each class are stated in our camp descriptions. In our summer camp programs, we tend to get a wide range of ages enrolled each session. We will divide the students into groups based on their age and skill level. In a full camp, comprised of both beginning and intermediate campers, multiple instructors will be available to work with each group. The base projects, lessons, and software used in a class or camp are the same for all students; however, older students will work on intermediate or advanced model builds that are more intricate or detailed.

Will there be adult supervision throughout the day?

Yes! Our staff supervises the students throughout the day, both in class as well as during snack and restroom breaks, arrival, and dismissal.

Is before or after care provided?

We do not provide any child care before or after the scheduled camp times.

Are refunds provided?

Once a camp starts, no refunds will be granted unless there is a medical reason your child cannot attend.




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