Here is a simple, fun tutorial on how to make amazing LEGO(R) shaped cookies.  

Lego cookies

For the actual blocks you can use simple rectangle and square cutters.

Choose the colors you like and outline the shapes with a #2 tip and fill.  At this point let the cookies dry overnight.

Lego(r) cookies

While the cookies are drying, make a LEGO template.  Real LEGOs are perfectly uniform, so you will want your cookies to be also. 

To create a template place the cutters you used onto heavy card stock and trace around them. Then use a ruler to evenly space the “dots”.  Use a hole punch to pre-make the holes.

After the template was complete, use a push-pin to mark the dots on the cookies.

Once the cookies are marked, use 20-SECOND ICING to apply {dime-size or so} dots to the cookies.  The most important thing to watch here is consistency!  Too thin and you will have craters.  It’s also a good idea to swirl the tip or a toothpick through the dots to reduce the risk of cratering.  Make them a little bit smaller than you want them to be because they will spread a little!

Let the dots dry {about two or three hours} and you will have the easiest Lego cookies you’ve ever made!