BRICKS 4 KIDZ® camps are a high-energy, fast-paced setting where kids ages 5-13+ discover, explore, invent and create.  The extended hours of a day camp provide a child with the opportunity to make a simple model, add their own imagination, and test the limits of their creativity.  Throughout the course of the day, BRICKS 4 KIDZ® teachers provide the raw materials for the childrens’ imaginations to create with – model plans, games, robotics and stop-motion animation.  The group setting is ideal for collaborative learning when the kids can build on one another’s ideas and make discoveries together that they might not make alone.

Kids have loads of fun as they use LEGO Bricks to explore the world of engineering, architecture, robotics and animation movie-making in an open, friendly and team-based environment.  Camp activities are specially designed around themes kids love like Comic Creator, Stop Motion Animation, Brick City Engineers and Space.  We keep the action going with unique games and challenges using LEGO bricks as well as board games.  The children will work and play with specialized LEGO Technic pieces such as gears, axles, and beams as well as motors, sensors and remote controls.

View Classes  for our Summer Camp dates which includes the following listed weekly themed camps. Half-day Camp prices vary from $125-$150 per week/per child.  To see camp details choose the “Select” button on the schedule page.

Summer Camp Locations:

LUXE Gym –  6420 S 101 E Avenue, Tulsa, 74133  

Jenks East Elementary – 8925 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, 74137  Morning camps.

Lafortune Community Center – 5202 S Hudson Ave, Tulsa. Morning or afternoon camps.

Bixby Community Center – 211 N Cabaniss Ave, Bixby 74008 Morning or afternoon camps.

Brick City Engineers ages 5 and up

Let’s build a city!  Campers will put their engineering and architecture skills to work as they build city themed models using LEGO teechnic bricks, gears and motors.  They will use their own ideas and skills to build a skycraper taller than their head and custom-built cars to move the people all around town!

Transformation Creations Camp ages 5 and up

Get ready to build and discover how your model transforms!  Campers iwll love the mash-up of combination models that can be rebuilt into something different.  These awesome 2-in-1 models will include exciting robots, vehicles and more!

Remote Control Mania Camp ages 5 and up

Making it move is the name of the game at this exciting camp! Kids will love to see their creations in motion using LEGO® wireless remote controls. Each day, campers will use fascinating and challenging LEGO®components to create dynamic vehicles, inventions, machines and more. As they enjoy the fun of building, campers will understand the basic working principles of many ingenious devices that are part of our everyday lives. Campers will also learn how to magnify, diminish and redirect force to move objects at different speeds and in different directions. This camp is loads of fun and learning for budding builders.

Comic Creator Camp: Bricks, Camera….COMIC Action! ages 8 and up

Explore the artistic form of comic book design as you learn to create your personalized edition. Create your own characters, develop story lines and incorporate pictures of actual sets, all designed with LEGO® Bricks! After creating various scenes, campers will snap pictures and upload them, utilizing a software program to create their very own, one of a kind comic book. Along with honing your story telling skills, this camp is sure to take your imagination to the next level. At the end of the week, campers will be provided with a digital copy of the comic book they created. So, how’s that for comic relief?

Stop Motion Animation Camp ages 8 and up

Light, cameras, LEGO® action! Use LEGO® bricks to tell YOUR story, complete with music, special effects and all your favorite LEGO® mini-figure characters! In this unique and creative camp, students will plan, script, stage, shoot, and produce their own mini-movie using Stop Motion Animation. Age Requirements:  Minimum age is 8.  Working as a team, students will use LEGO® components to build the set and props then shoot their movie using a camera. Teams will use movie-making software to add special effects, titles, credits and more. When the movie is complete, campers will impress friends and family with a screening party on the last day of camp. Don’t miss your chance to be a movie producer!

NXT Robotics Camp  –  No previous experience required, Minimum age is 9.

Experience the cutting edge of technology with this introduction to LEGO Mindstorms Robotics.  Students will be captivated as they incorporate the use of motors, sensors and software by building robots then downloading programs directly into the intelligent brick.  Bricks 4 Kidz utilizes Mindstorm technologies and programming along with our unique robot models.  Students are introduced to the NXT graphic programming language equipping them at an early age to succeed in a technology-based marketplace.  STEM concepts and teamwork are combined in this action packed program for learning real-life skills while having fun!

Extreme Ninjas Camp – Ages 5 and up

There is a new ninja on the block, and he’s ready to defend his honor and establish peace!  The team of 5 ninjas all have their own important role to play in carrying on the legacy of spectacular ninja skills, self-discipline, courage and honor.  Join the team by using LEGO bricks, technic pieces, gears and motors to build the ninja domain of temples, dragons, awesome motorized ninja vehicles, ninja spinning machines and more!

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