Birthday Parties

What kinds of activities are offered at Bricks' parties?

A – Activities depend on the package you select. The typical format is as follows:

Deluxe Package (60 minutes)

  • Party Host arrives 10 min prior to start time to set up
  • Party begins with 10 min of self-directed Free Play with our giant tubs of bulk Lego (allows a buffer for any late arriving guests and allows teacher to get to know children and observe their building ability)
  • Facilitated Motorized Model Build where each child builds and operates their own model using our proprietary designs (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Remainder of the party (approximately 15 minutes) Lego Based Games and Challenges (selected based on age, activity level, space available and building ability)

Premiere Package (90 minutes)

  • Additional half hour of this package allows children the opportunity to build their own minifigure (10 minutes) and add another model build (Zipline activity)
  • For older parties you may select to customize this time to add programming or remote control activities. Please inquire about this when booking

*Please note that birthday parties run on a structured schedule and may change depending on the skill level of the children. In some instances children may want to spend more time on the motorized build and there may or may not be sufficient time for the Games and Challenges activity. To ensure satisfaction please notify the party host of your preference for activities.


What kind of space do you require?

A comfortable room and table(s) large enough to accommodate your child’s guests and a few adults is necessary. Chairs are not required as children tend to stand when they are building. An additional space for games and challenges (such as a living room or playroom) is helpful.


What if I don't want to have the party at my home?

We are happy to come to the venue of your choice. Some people choose to use their community facility or church space. As we have ongoing rental agreements in a number of areas we are able to pass along our reduced rental rates if you select to have your party at one of these locations.


What if I have more/less guests than your packages detail?

Our packages are grouped for your convenience and for maximum party fun. The prices are based on how many party hosts your group will require. Therefore we do not price individual guests.


Can Bricks parties be themed? (E.g., Star Wars)

In our experience the best “theme” is Lego! Our model builds utilize assorted technic LEGO® NOT commercial sets. Kids love the opportunity to work with something different than what they have at home! We have many designs which we are happy to discuss with you that may tie in if you have a specific “licenced” theme in mind (i.e. Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ninjago, etc.). This can also be incorporated into the games/challenges if you wish. Custom loot bags are available at an additional cost.


What about girls?

We absolutely love throwing birthday parties for girls! LEGO® is a gender neutral activity; we build with girls in schools, classes and camps as well as birthday parties.


What age ranges do Bricks' parties cater to?

Bricks 4 Kidz® curriculum ranges from 3-13+. We would love to work with you to design a fun and memorable event for your child and their guests.


Do the birthday boys/girls and guests keep what they build?

Unfortunately, no. At the end of the activity, children will be asked to disassemble their motorized build which the party host will take upon departure. If you would like guests to leave the birthday party with a small LEGO® set, mini-figure or both, we offer our loot bags at $10/child.


What is in the loot bag and how much does it cost?

Contents of loot bags vary depending on stock and availability. They generally include goodies such as a LEGO® Creator Set, Bricks 4 Kidz Drop In Open Play Voucher (valued at $10, no cash value), Bricks 4 Kidz hacky sack, Brick Forge stickers, buildable block candies, lollipop, and press-on tattoo. The price for a loot bag is $10/child including tax. We also offer customized themed loot bags upon request (additional charges apply).


How far in advance should I book?

Bricks 4 Kidz® birthday parties are extremely popular! We offer Saturday and Sunday bookings at 10:00am, Noon and 2:00pm. To ensure that you get your ideal date and time please book your child’s birthday party at your earliest convenience.


I know that Bricks 4 Kidz® is a Calgary-based company but what if I don't live in Calgary?

For residents in surrounding areas such as Airdrie or Cochrane there is an additional travel fee of $30.


Afterschool Classes

How long does the program run?

Classes run once per week for one hour over the course of six to eight weeks depending on location.


What age ranges are your classes intended for?

The majority of our classes are intended for elementary aged children (5+). We have a preschool curriculum for ages 3-5, which is currently only accessible through field trips in preschools, however we do plan to expand into community based programs as well. Children 7+ interested in technology and computer programming will thrive in our Jr. Robotics and Stop Motion Movie Making programs. We also instruct Mindstorms Robotics (ages 9+).


What do you do at the class?

Children build a new model each week after the teacher has provided an interactive lesson on the day’s build. Over the course of six to eight weeks the level of difficulty for each build will increase, however, students will have the skills to successfully build each model within the allotted time.

Kids will learn how the individual pieces operate along with the concepts of gear ratio, torque, friction, and be able to expand their model and collaborate with others during this time. Children will have the last fifteen minutes of the class to free play with LEGO® bricks and share their creations with one another.


Does my child get to keep what they build?

No. Children are asked to disassemble their model before the end of class as they will be using the kits again in the following weeks. Participants will have the opportunity to build and keep a mini-figure during the class series as a souvenir.


What is the teacher to student ratio in the class?

Our maximum ratio is 20 students to 1 teacher (if class is full).


In School Field Trips

What topics/themes do you offer?

Our programs are educator-approved to deliver valuable, multi-sensory learning experiences that correlate to a variety of cross-disciplinary curriculum objectives. Bricks 4 Kidz® themes are arranged to compliment what students are learning in class. Popular themes include Famous Buildings, Inventions and Transportation, integrating STEM concepts such as simple machines and laws of motion.


How long do the classes last?

In School Field Trips for elementary aged students are 90 minutes and includes 2 lessons/builds. Generally schools opt to have us work with multiple classes back-to-back as this is more cost effective for them. We are happy to arrange a field trip that meets your learning and budget needs.


What are the space and supply requirements for schools?

Bricks 4 Kidz® teachers will provide all the supplies necessary for an In-school field trip. All that is needed is a room large enough to accommodate all students in the class!


What is the cost per student?

Our standard Field Trips are offered for as low as eight ($8) dollars per student.


What is the Brick 4 Kidz® teacher to student ratio?

This depends on the ages and needs of your students.


Do students keep what they build?

No. Students are asked to disassemble their model at the end of the lesson. Groups can choose to price in a small take home item if they are using the field trip as a reward or celebration (please ask for details).


How far in advance should I book?

In-School Field Trips are extremely popular. Please register for yours at your earliest convenience to ensure we are able to accommodate you.


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