• FANTASTIC!!  Book it!!  My son had his 8th birthday party with Bricks 4 Kidz and it was a huge hit, not just with the kids but with the parents too!  We had them come to our home for the party.  They brought all of the legos, the regular ones for the older kids and the large ones for the younger kids.  They provided several activities to keep the kids busy, including a craft and a mini build, both items they got to take home.  They also brought awesome goodie bags.  The kids were completely engaged for the full 2+ hours.  No running around like crazies, no bounce house injuries, no chaos…just calm engaged kids moving from activity to activity while the parents sat and enjoyed each other. For sure it’s the most relaxing party I’ve ever hosted.  NOT EVEN KIDDING!  They were wonderful to work with and really wanted our party to be great…which it was.  They set up, they took down and when I tried to tip them they said, “No tip needed, that’s what we’re here for.”  I like to throw a great party and can be pretty particular, so I’m telling you…if you’re thinking about booking them…DO IT!  You will not be disappointed! 🙂 … Nancy L


  • We were blown away by the Superheroes Summer Camp our son attended recently in Livermore.  He couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to go and came home every day quite content and excited. Not only did he build his own lego creations, but did other engaging activities with perler beads and group games. There was plenty of individual attention given as well and being one of the older kids, our son was offered more challenging lego builds to try. As a family owned business, they really provided a warm, caring and fun atmosphere for the kids. Our son said it all with the words, “This is the best camp for me!” … Julie J


  • Your team was a big hit at Ryder’s birthday party. He had an amazing time and so did all of the other kiddos. All the kiddos were so excited about their mini-figures and those perler bead designs were amazing as well! … Helene E


  • We loved the class at Smith! Scott is a very amazing teacher and manages to motivate some pretty tired kids! Thanks Scott! ..Paulette M


  • My daughter had a great time in all her Lego classes. The instructors made her feel comfortable and allowed her to do her own building. Looking forward to the next class. ..Eric M


  • Instructors were all very friendly and took the time to make my shy son comfortable. ..Debbie B


  • My boys love bricks for kids. They come home excited to tell the family about their creations. One of my many highlights was listening to a 5 and 8 year old discuss uplifts after the tornado class during family dinner.  I am glad we have such a great enrichment activity in Livermore. ..Lynn W


  • My 1st grader son goes to the weekly Bricks 4 kids after school program at his school. He really enjoys it. They make lots of different and interesting models. It sounds like the teacher does a good job talking about interesting science and physics concepts that go along with the models and my son is always excited to tell me about them when he gets home. They also have some free play time with the LEGOS to experiment with the building concepts they are learning. … Heather D


  • Love Bricks 4 Kidz!!! This format of learning allowed my 12 yr old Grandson to express himself thru building exercises, at a time when he was an introvert due to the love of lego’s/minecraft, etc. He has a passion for it and to do this with kids/instructors, who had the same passion was a plus. The team from from TriValley branch was fantastic!!! I have/would highly recommend this to family and friends. … Dionne M