It can be tempting to give schedules the boot when the kids are out of school for summer. However, sticking to a schedule is actually better for them (and will make your life much easier). Of course, with the longer days and – hopefully – slower pace, your schedule can also be a bit more relaxed. Do make sure these 5 must-haves are part of your family’s schedule:

  1. Morning routine: The alarm may not go off as early, and you may not have the mad rush to fix lunches and find backpacks – but a morning routine during the summer months is still important to get your day started right. It’s better for kids, and adults for that matter, to wake up around the same time every day. And don’t forget a healthy breakfast!
  2. Fun activities: Whether it’s a summer sports league, an art class or a fun Bricks 4 Kidz® class, do have activities planned throughout the summer. It’s important to keep kids engaged with learning during their time out of school. A Bricks 4 Kidz® camp is a great way to teach STEM skills. Kids have so much fun, they don’t even realize how much they are learning! (It’s not too late to get your child signed up!)
  3. Free time: What would summer be without time to do whatever you want… even if it’s nothing at all? Make sure to “schedule” in free time for your kids to just be kids. In other words, don’t have something planned for every minute of the day.
  4. Family time: One of the best things about summer is more time for family. While a family vacation to an amusement park or the beach is great, just spending time together is important too. Go fly a kite. Take evening walks together. Chase fireflies. Tell stories. Cook dinner together. Just enjoy those special moments together.
  5. Bedtime routine: Finally, do stick to a nighttime routine. You might move bedtime back a little later, but research shows that kids who have a set bedtime fare better. Not only will that standard bedtime (combined with a set wake-up time) help keep their internal clocks on track, it will make it much easier to get back into a school-time routine once summer is over.

It’s summer time! What are your family’s summer must-haves?