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Where is Bricks 4 Kidz?

Bricks 4 Kidz Creativity Center
1111 Wayne Rd.
Suite 2
Huntsville, Al. 35806

When Are camps offered

We hold various single-day and multi-day camps throughout the year, whenever school is out of session. For a complete list of upcoming camps visit our Camps home page.

  • Morning camps normally run 9am-noon. (Check-in is 8:50-9:10)
  • Afternoon camps normally run 1pm-4. (Check-in is 12:50-1:10)

Do you offer Early Drop-Off or Late Pick-Up?

If you need to drop off early or pick-up late, we often have 8:00:am drop off and 5:00pm pick-up times available. Anyone dropped off before 8:50am or 12:50pm will be charged early drop-off fees (billed at $10 per hour).

Anyone picked up later than 12:10 for the morning camp or 4:10 for the afternoon camp will be charged for late pickup at $10 per hour, or the price of the afternoon camp if left over from the morning. Campers picked up later than 5:00pm will be assessed $25 per quarter hour to cover the cost of employee overtime.

If you would like to enroll in early drop-off or late pick-up, please call or email 24 hours prior to camp..

What if I’m going to be late dropping off or picking up?

If you are running late, it’s fine — please call to let us know if you can, otherwise we’ll look for you when you get here. We do not give credit or refunds for missed days or late drop-offs.

If you know you are going to be later than the designated pick-up time, please call us as soon as you know, so that we can be prepared. Also, please refer to the information above in regard to charges assessed for late pick-up.

Can my child stay for lunch?

We do not provide a lunch, but offer lunch-hour supervision. Children enrolled in both sessions are welcome to stay during lunch at no extra charge. Please send a lunch. If the you need to use the lunch hour as a late pick-up time (later than 12:10) or early drop-off time (before 12:50), we are happy to add that at $10 for the hour. Please note that we are a nut-free zone.

We have a refrigerator and microwave on hand, if your child’s lunch requires these. Please plan on lunch materials that the child can handle without help from others — the staff will also be working on eating their own lunches during this time. :)

How do I check or pay my balance?

Payment for camp is expected on the day of camp, we take cash, check, or credit/debit card payments on site. You may also log in at www.bricks4kidz.com/hsv to check your balance. Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, there is a “Forgot Password” link to help you generate a new one.

Can I stay for the camp?

Bricks 4 Kidz Camps are designed as a drop-off experience. We have a limited amount of space, and use as much of it as possible for building and activities. If your child has special needs that require special supervision, we are happy to work something out with you — please call or email in advance.

May I call to check on or talk to my child?

If you would like to call mid-way through a session to check on how your child is doing (common for younger children especially if it is there first time) — please feel free to do that. Note that we sometimes miss calls in the middle of camp, since … we are in the middle of camp, but usually are able to follow-up before too long.

Do I sign my child in and out?

Yes — we do ask that you sign your name and the time when dropping your child off or picking them up, and that you indicate who you expect to pick the child up. We recognize that sometimes it may change before the end of the day, but it helps us know who to expect. Also, if you send someone to pick up that you have not previously noted is authorized, call to let us know.

When is morning check-in?

Morning Check-In is 8:50-9:10am. Please plan to walk your child into the building to sign them in. If you need to drop your child off before 8:50 am, we can add them to the early-drop time off for an additional $10.

When is morning check-out?

Morning Check-Out is 11:55-12:10pm. Please plan to walk into the building to sign your child out. We do not send children out of the building without an authorized adult. Children that are not picked up by 12:10 may be assessed the afternoon camp fee.

When is afternoon check-in?

Afternoon Check-In is 12:50-1:10pm. Please plan to walk your child into the building to sign them in. If you need to drop your child off before 12:50 am, we can add them to the early-drop time off for an additional $10.

When is afternoon check-out?

Morning Check-Out is 3:55-4:10pm. Please plan to walk into the building to sign your child out. We do not send children out of the building without an authorized adult. Children that are not picked up by 4:10 will be assessed the afternoon late pick-up fee.

What does Bricks 4 Kidz do with photos?

We usually try to take pictures throughout the camp. Sometimes we use these in a slideshow for the last few minutes for everyone (especially moms and dads picking up) to see. Other times we may use these photos to share on Facebook so that other people can see the fun things we do. If you indicate “no” for photos, we will not keep or publish any photos of your child. We also do not publicly identify children in the photos. Note: We are not responsible for photos that other parents take of children that may include your children in them.

May my child bring a stuffed animal or blanket?

Please do not allow your children to bring toys, even if they are theme-related. Sometimes kids want to bring their own LEGOs or mini-figs — please don’t, we have plenty, and do not want to get them mixed up!!! Also, Please do not send any stuffed animals.

Does Bricks 4 Kidz provide a Snack?

We DO NOT provide a snack.You are welcome to send something for your child. Please note that we are a nut-free zone.

What if my child has Special Dietary Needs?

If your child has special dietary need that requires you send a specific snack that the child eats a specific time, we are happy to work with you on this. Please include this information in the “Special Instructions” box in your log in, as well as note it when you arrive at camp.

What about nuts? Peanuts? Tree Nuts?

We are a nut-free zone! Please do not send snacks or lunches with nut/peanut products. This includes peanut-butter. We have a lot of campers with peanut or tree-nut allergies, and a relatively small space to share with others. Thank you for being considerate in this matter!

What if my child does not behave appropriately?

We love kids, and work very hard at taking kids where they are and helping them have a fun, educational experience with Bricks 4 Kidz. Occasionally a child has to be reminded to “Be Safe”, “Be Respectful”, or “Be Responsible” Usually it is simply a matter of redirection, and the child is back to having fun, learning, and building. On a rare occasion, we have had to suspend or expel a child when they prevent other children from having a good experience at camp. We regret having to do this, but we reserve the right to do so, to ensure a high quality level experience for our campers.

What if I have questions not covered here?

Please call or email!

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