We do engineering for kids!

It’s time to sign up for after school classes!  If you would like for us to teach an after school class at your school, contact your school administration and contact us today.  Ask us about our PTA or School Foundation fundraiser.

We Learn, We Build, We Play…with LEGO® Bricks

Bricks 4 Kidz® serving KC – NKC – Liberty – Parkville – Platte City


In our classes we build proprietary models out of LEGO® bricks that are not found in stores, so kids (3 +) are always challenged.  Younger children learn colors, and counting, and much more.  Older kids learn “hands on” core concepts of science, math, engineering, and technology by building cars, windmills, paper crinklers, robotics, and more.  Many of our models are motorized so the children can build a car out of LEGO® Bricks and then actually make it move!  We have many themes to keep our classes fresh and fun. The best part is that all kids LOVE playing with LEGO® Bricks and the learning just happens spontaneously.

Many people have asked where we are located.  Rather than limiting ourselves to a single location, Bricks 4 Kidz offers our programs at existing education camps, community centers, schools, and businesses to provide a uniquely tailored learning experience. Check our Schedule & Classes to see the locations of our current programs or contact us if you’re interested in seeing Bricks 4 Kidz come to your school or neighborhood!

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