Class Descriptions

2013 – 2014

After School Class Descriptions


We learn, build and play with LEGO bricks! We teach principles of engineering using LEGO bricks, motors, and remote controls using our proprietary model plans designed by engineers and architects. Each four-week session will be an awesome mix of science and engineering, as kids build models that demonstrate the concepts learned. They then are challenged to think out of the box to problem solve and modify, the models that they build as they are given a fun and engaging model engineering challenge to solve each week. Each 4 week session will provide a new experience for your child, as we cover science topics about the Forces of nature, Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motions, and Amazing Creatures. To ensure space for your child, sign up for all sessions today.


JrRobotics Class Grades 3-6  This class focuses on beginning robotics, using computers and programming software to program the models built using LEGO® bricks. Each 4 week session, students will focus on an engineering principle, and then be challenged with a team project where they design, create and build a robotic model based on previous class learning and objectives.  Each class session is unique, and is NOT a repeat from any classes during the year.  Student enrolling in Jr Robotics must have attended either  ”Intro to Jr Robotics Class” OR ”Jr Robotics Camp”, before attending the Jr Robotics Class.  ”Intro to Jr Robotics” classes are offered once per month.   (Check out schedule on the East Grand Rapids School District Page. Classes run September 2013 thru May 2014.)



2013 - 2014 Bricks 4 Kidz Class Themes Sept 2013 – May 2014  Grades 1-6

Sept/Oct: Transportation Vehicles & Remote Controls– If you like planes, trains and automobiles, then this unit is for you!  Each week, students will build motorized models of a car, an airplane and more, and add remote control capability when possible.  Explore the history of transportation from horse and buggy and trains to the development of the automobile and flight.  

Oct/Nov: Exploring the Everglades– Build an alligator with a mouth that opens and closes; an airboat to speed across the water, a dragonfly with wings that flap up and down… and imagine yourself on a journey through the Florida Everglades. This unique and fragile ecosystem is the only sub-tropical preserve in North America, and students will hear what makes it such a special place..

Nov/Dec: Winter Fun– Don’t get left out in the cold! Bring the winter fun indoors with interactive Bricks 4 Kidz models of some popular winter activities from the hair-raising thrill of the luge to more the relaxing pace of the horse and sleigh. We’ll build the all-business snowplow as well as the all-fun snow mobile. And our winter theme wouldn’t be complete without ice hockey and skiing. No snow? No problem – all you need to create these winter memories are our bricks and your imagination

Jan/Feb:  Bricks 4 Kidz Factory Fun– Have you ever wondered how things are made? Or wanted to operate the big machines in a factory? Factories rely on special machines to help build, move and package the things we use every day. Come build kid-sized versions of these clever creations using LEGO bricks, motors and battery packs. Build machines, such as a scissor lift, specialized conveyor belts and even a robot! You’ll learn about the engineering challenges involved in machine design and maybe be inspired to invent your own machine.

Feb/Mar:  Bricks 4 Kidz Interesting Gadgets– Students love our interactive Bricks 4 Kidz models built with LEGO bricks. This unit is all about the fun of doing something with what you’ve built. From a Optical Illusion Model, to a personal fan kids will love playing with their creations! But don’t worry, we sneak in lots of learning, too, understanding probability in the “3-in-a-row” game model is sure to be educational and fun!  Don’t miss out!

Apr/May:  Bricks 4 Kidz All About Animals– It’s a zoo in here! This is a unit sure to delight kids who love creatures. Using LEGO bricks, motors and battery packs we’ll be building models of  Seals, kangaroos, and more. Each week we’ll discuss fascinating facts about the animals we build. Students will love these moving models that

May: Just for Fun–It’s our end of the school year “Just For Fun” models! We will be building fun and engaging models.  Each week we will focus on a totally different theme. In fact, these models have little to do with each other, except that they are fun!  Our end of the year FREESTYLE class is sure to be exciting as each week will be fun, engaging, and just plain old building with LEGO bricks, motors and battery packs.



**Bricks 4 Kidz Intro to Jr Robotics:  This class is required before attending Jr. Robotics Classes, if child has not attended previous Bricks 4 Kidz- Jr. Robotics Classes or Summer Camp. This is a one session class designed to introduce the basics of the robotics software program and motorized model programming. Participants will learn more advanced programming in additional classes.