Science used to be boring. Engineering study used to be put off until college. Lego® bricks used to be exclusively for building toy houses, castles, and other structures.

Forget those ideas! Check out how we learn and play: Click hereRemote Controlled Lego Car!

Remote Controlled Lego Car!


Traditional education methods just don’t work for everyone, and many of us know that lucrative jobs in the engineering, architectural, robotics, and programming fields are currently outsourced to other countries, because there are not enough qualified candidates to fill these positions.

At Bricks 4 Kidz, you can give your children a head start. We use a safe, fun learning environment so that your child learns basic skills in these areas, but doesn’t feel like he/she is in a ‘classroom’, or is bored to death from reading about skills they could be practicing in a hands-on way!


Enjoyable classes, cool creations, and no homework – what child wouldn’t love this?


After-School  and Pre-school classes are just two of the services provided at Bricks 4 Kidz® Augusta….for information on birthday parties, camps, and field trips; click here